Matthew Panozzo

Property Investment Manager

Through his vast experience and many years with the company, attention to detail and client-first ethos Matthew provides the ultimate service to his landlords. His service encompasses effective property management, tenant relations and, of course, effective communication with you, our valued client.

His enthusiastic and professional approach to all aspects of his role means you benefit through expert property management and knowing that you will be informed all the way through. His clients often comment on how confident they feel with him as their property manager and his proactive approach to the management of their investment portfolios.

Over many years in his role Matthew has developed personal systems and procedures that combine with the companies’ to ensure the effective management and facilitation of your property. This forms the framework for success, and your best opportunity to gain the maximum return on your investments whilst mitigating your risk.

Matthews portfolio covers properties at both ends of the price spectrum and everything in between so you can be certain your property will be carefully and confidently managed. Backed by our team of administrators Matthew is an excellent choice to assist you with your investment property portfolio.

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