Naomi Lynagh

Office Manager

I began my career with LJ Hooker St Peters in 1998. Over the years I’ve grown through varying roles and last year stepped into my current position of Office Manager.

I share the passion that LJ Hooker resonates. I communicate effectively with individuals in all areas of the business. I am always looking ahead, seeking opportunities and planning for whatever may emerge.

The knowledge I have gained from working within each department has given me the drive and determination to help every employee learn and achieve, just as I have.

Mastering my Office Manager role has opened opportunities for me to learn new tasks as I support others in my journey. Being a positive, and approachable leader puts me ahead of my peers in all aspects of the business.

I am a great listener and a problem solver, and my door is always open. Helping and encouraging others, cultivating relationships within my team and the office gives me a great sense of pride; not only seeing colleagues personally benefit but LJ Hooker St Peters as a business.

Real estate is my passion, and I have what it takes to drive LJ Hooker St Peters to becoming leaders in their industry for years to come.

  • 21 Club
    21 Club

My Awards

  • 21 Club - Jul 2019
  • Annual SA/NT - Top Business Administration - Aug 2017